The Federation of International Geo-engineering Societies

Joint Technical Committee on Education

Terms of Reference and Activities

  1. To promote the exchange of information on the courses and their content that are taught on geotechnical engineering/engineering geology/rocks mechanics/geosynthetics in different institutions-(e.g.:MODERN SYLLABUS FOR INTRODUCTION TO GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING presented by Anna Shidlovskaya and Jean-Louis Briaud on the JTC3 Web Site)
  2. To develop a list of books on geotechnical engineering/engineering geology/rocks mechanics/geosynthetics–(See List of Books on the Web Site)
  3. To develop a list of refereed journals on geotechnical engineering/engineering geology/rocks mechanics/geosynthetics–(See list of Journals on the Web Site)
  4. To inform the members about international conferences on geo-engineering education–(See Upcoming Events on the Web Site)
  5. To present information on the history of geo-engineering schools(engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, soil and rock mechanics, geosynthetics) in the world–request to international societies and institutions–ENGINEERING GEOLOGY at UNIVERSITY of MINES presented by Anna Shidlovskaya on the WEBSITE
  6. To interact with all technical committees of FedIGS to prepare lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, photos, videos, questions and answers on geo-engineering- (e.g.:11 CASE HISTORIES on the WEB SITE prepared by Anna Shidlovskaya, Mabel Chedid, Jean-Louis Briaud)
  7. To establish a FedIGS geoengineering educator award which recognizes excellence in education to the FedIGS community (to be discussed).